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INDUSTRIAL VISIT REPORT Report prepared by, ABDUL MAZITH, 4MR21MR400, MARINE ENGINEERING   PREFACE This industrial visit report is prepared during the induction on (05:12:2022) undertaken at new Mangalore port trust as partial fulfilment of the degree in marine engineering in Mangalore marine college and technology, kuppepadavu, Mangalore. Theory of project is important, but without practical knowledge it becomes futile particularly for the engineering students. The knowledge of engineering is incomplete without the practical applications of the theories studied. This training provides a golden opportunity to all the students, especially engineering students who are not familiar with the functioning and working of project construction facility. Hence, this report is designed with the objectives to gain practical know-how and is undertaken at Indian coast guard vessel at new Mangalore port, India.   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Industrial Visit at new Mangalore port had been a great learning experience for me. The theoretical one knowledge I gained during years of study at MANGALORE MARINE COLLEGE AND TECHNOLOGY AFFILIATED to VISHWESHWARAYYA TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, had been complemented effectively due to the guidance and support provided by port and coast guard personnel. The factors and measures that need to be taken into consideration while propelling a ship cannot be fully covered theoretically. This practical knowledge can only be guided by handling those cases yourself or by witnessing the process under guidance. The observation is a holistic one. NMPT has been catering to Indian and international clients with ease. The reason for the title of one of the best ports in India was plainly visible. I would like to acknowledge Assistant Commandant for allowing me to induct myself at ICGS VARAHA under knowledgeable personnel who were happy to pass on their wisdom guided over experience. Also, I am very thankful to all those guides and department engineers whom I visited to get the details related to my research. The process of teaching and giving practical experience soon after, was an effective one. Finally, I would also like to thank my college and department and especially for Industrial Visit Coordinator prof. Dolphy Pius Pinto for making such visit for students and for providing me an opportunity to visit new Mangalore port. CONCLUSION This industrial visit at NEW MANGALORE PORT has helped us gain a vast amount of practical knowledg