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Grievance Form

  • You are communicating with Chairman, on one to one basis.
  • All your matters and your details shall be kept highly confidential.
  • For any reason, you will not be penalized, for reporting the actual matters.
  • Therefore, report with full confidence, about any kind of matters, issues, grievances which you feel to report, for the best for the Organization.
  • It is your duty to report earlier about any kind of groupism among students or staff, internal politics, discrepancies in any purchase, ragging, alcohol abuse, usage of narcotics drugs, child abuse, sexual harassments, misuse of funds or accounts, misuse of authority, siphoning of funds, wastage of resources like human, power, water, fuel etc.,
  • Give the complete details and all necessary documentary evidences.
  • Knowing the facts and not reporting to the Chairman, well in time, is also considered as Offence.

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