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Ref.No: MMCT/CIR/NOV-02/2021-22 Date: 19-11-2021

Keeping in mind the safety and security of all staff and students a Grievances Redressal Committee is formed in the college campus. To collect your complaints regarding safety and security, grievance boxes are placed. Grievance box No 1 is at the student biometric machine at the second entrance of college and Grievance box No 2 is at the hostel entrance. You can use these boxes to put your complaints. Complaints will be collected from the boxes at regular intervals of time and these Complaints will be registered; grievances Redressal committee will take a further decision on the complaints. Now on, no complaints will be entertained on a verbal basis. In case of emergency / sensational matters the affected person can directly contact the head of institution immediately over phone or in person and lodge the complaint. The details of grievances Redressal committee is as follows.

Grievance Redressal Committee
S.No Name and Designation of Committee Member Position in the Committee Contact Number
1 Dr. Mahendra Motilal Dhongadi
Principal of MMCT
Head of Committee 9972788448
2 Prof. Prathap Rai
HOD Marine Engineering
Convener 9004636963
3 Prof. Sunil Nayak
HOD Mechanical Engineering
Member 9591611785
4 Prof. Narendra Kumar S C
Assistant professor and Hostel Warden
Member 8884053980
5 Prof. Ashmila
Assistant Professor
Member 8921614132
6 Prof. Sriraksha
Assistant Professor
Member 9591766435
7 Prof. Shrinidhi
Assistant Professor
Member 9008139295

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